Film information

Min Homosyster (i.t My Gay Sister) - 15 mins - Short Film - Sweden/Norway - Drama / Youth / LGBT 


Majken has known that she is a lesbian since she was 7 years old and Gabbi just recently found out that she’s also into girls. But how about Gabbi’s 10-year old sister Cleo, who is she in love with? Is it a girl or is it a boy? Cleo joins Gabbi to her girlfriend Majken’s summerhouse. On a roadtrip up north a silent struggle begins between the older role models, who will gain Cleo’s trust? 

My Gay Sister is a story about a young girls first meeting with the expectations to define her sexuality and about the ability to create, gain and lose trust for one another.

Cast & Crew

Cast Tina Pourdavoy with Erika A. Coleman and introducing Juliette Safavi

Producers Stefan Henriksson Lia Hietala Karin Stenwall Co-Producer Håkon B. Toft Director and Screenplay Lia Hietala Director of Photogtaphy Karin Stenwall Editior Lia Hietala and Karin Stenwall Composer Katharina Nuttall Soundediting and Mix Katharina Nuttall and Linus Andersson

Financiers Nordnorsk Filmsenter Tvibit Filmvexthus  Filmbasen  Uncut and Sveriges Film och Videoförbund

Festivals & Screenings

World Premiere at Berlinale 2017 - Generation Kplus Competition

Teddy Award Short Section Nomination - Teddy Awards

Region Skånes Kortfilmspris - BUFF 2017


For any inquiries regarding Min Homosyster (i.t My Gay Sister) please contactstefan@newstories.se or for international festival distribution please contact theo.tsappos@filminstitutet.se



About the filmmaker

Lia Hietala is Swedish filmmaker from Stockholm and was born on October 16:th 1993.

In 2015 Lia Hietala directed her debut short film ”If I say No” and was selected to the 2016 Tromsö International Short Film Festival. The film was awarded a Mention for the Oscar Short Film Nomination in Norway. In 2016 Lia received the Springbrett Scholarship from Nordnorsk Filmsenter and lead the way for Hietala’s second short film ”Min Homosyster”. Lia Hietala is currently in production for her next film ”Amber and Sebastian”, the film is a documentary and is expected to be completed during 2017. Lia is also in the early stages of development for her debut feature film ”September 1:st 2016”.