EAGLES (2019)

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TV-series information

Eagles - 8x20 mins - TV-Series - Sweden - Drama 


Influencer Felicia and hockey talent Elias, children of the former NHL star Mats Kroon, move from Boston to their dad's hometown Oskarshamn. A move which doesn't turn out to be completely uncomplicated as the current hierarchies in both school and hockey teams are challenged with the new siblings' arrival.

Cast & Crew

Cast Alva Bratt Adrian Öjvinsson Edvard Olsson Yandeh Sallah Sarah Gustafsson Per Lasson Charlotta Jonsson David Lindgren Alexander Gustafsson Anna Sise Robert Pukitis Jakob Gartner Linnea Persson Maria Alm Norell

Creator & Producer Stefan H. Lindén Producer Måns Strömberg Line Producer Erik Lundqvist Director Amanda Adolfsson Screenplay Anton Nyberg together with Michaela Hamilton and Fanny Ekstrand Director of Photogtaphy Gabriel Mkrttchian Editior Britta Norell  Music Supervisor Nils-Petter Ankarblom Soundediting and Mix Jonathan Dakers Art Directors & Costume Design Marcus Olsson & Elias Kahn Make-Up Sandra Karlsson Executive Producer New Stories Poa Strömberg Executive Producer SVT Sanne Övermark and Petter Bragée

Network Sveriges Television


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Stills from Season 1 of Eagles